Getting A Mortgage In Your 30s?

Congratulations, thirty-something. You made it through your 20s without any big financial missteps, you might have established a career and now you are making enough money to consider buying a home.

Maybe you’ve been a proud renter for the past handful of years because of the iffy housing market, student loan payments, changing jobs or cities (or partners) – or because you didn’t want the responsibility of time-suckers like yard work and painting. You could even have invested in a condo or starter home.

Now you feel it’s time to buy for the first time or upgrade. It’s the biggest purchase you’ve ever made. Here are the top five things to consider before you move forward.

1. Become a Mortgage Expert

Unless you saved hundreds of thousands or dollars or have a very generous friend or family member willing to sell you a home for dirt-cheap, you’re going to need a loan. That loan is called a mortgage. You might know that already but do you know how they work—as in, you’re kind of an expert? More here.



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