6 Smart Money-Saving Strategies for Spring Cleaning

Winter fades into spring, and with it a desire to open the windows, get outside and clean and freshen our homes. There are a number of ways to spend less money – and even make a little money – during the spring cleaning process. Here are six good strategies my family uses at our house.

Clean the refrigerator coils. Almost every refrigerator gradually builds up a thick layer of dust on the rear coils. Refrigerator use tends to pull that dust in over time. As it builds, it can actually disrupt the effectiveness of cooling, making your refrigerator run less efficiently and gobble up more energy, which will have a direct impact on your energy bill.

You can take care of that by gently cleaning the dust from the coils. Yes, it does involve moving your refrigerator a bit so you have access to the back, but it’s a doable task with a little bit of help. A vacuum can easily remove the dust from the coils, or you can remove it by hand or with other cleaning devices depending on what’s convenient for you. More here.

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